About Me

2e023741-8272-4d14-874d-4ed83ce72244I worked in Corporate America for over 20 years but realized over the last few that my heart wasn’t really in it. I’ve always been intrigued by the metaphysical world and began studying various energy healing modalities in 2012. I began volunteering for a hospice organization in 2013 and have been doing energy sessions on hospice patients in the Twin Cities for the past few years.  I did energy work on my friends, my pets (I have four) and my horses (I have two) and then branched out to my friends’ pets and horses as well.

As far as what modality I use, it’s really a blend of several different techniques: Quantum Touch®, Reiki and Maureen Higgins‘ Disconnection from the Collective Shadow® and Cellular Activation®. I like to describe it as upgrading the software of your personal energy field.

I use only Young Living Essential Oils in my practice and love teaching others how to reduce toxins in their life with the amazing products of Young Living. I use a VivAlign scanner before and after your healing session to determine the best essential oils to support you and to quantify the changes in your energy field.

If you’re feeling stuck or anxious, or just want to treat yourself, come in for a session and we’ll upgrade your energy system!


  • Reiki Level 1  (January 2012, November 2015)
  • Quantum Touch® Level 1 (March 2012)
  • Quantum Touch® Level 2 (June 2013)
  • Reiki Level 2 (January 2016)
  • The Way of the Shaman® (October 2016)
  • Disconnection from the Collective Shadow® (will complete in September 2017)
  • Cellular Activation® (will complete in September 2017)
  • Animal Energy® Communication (in progress)