The Power of The Raindrop Technique

In my last blog post, I talked about my new gadget, the VivAlign, that uses Gas Discharge Visualization to show changes in the human energy field.  I used it to demonstrate the changes in a client’s energy field as a result of a healing session I did on her. A few weeks later, a massage therapist on my essential oil team wanted to practice The Raindrop Technique®, a protocol of Young Living Essential Oils dropped down the back in a specific order. I happen to have a massage table and the Raindrop Technique Essential Oil collection, so this time I would be the healing recipient! The collection contains the following:

  • Valor II™
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Wintergreen
  • Cypress
  • Peppermint
  • Basil
  • Marjoram
  • Aroma Siez™
  • 8-oz. Ortho Ease® Massage Oil
  • 8-oz. V6™ Vegetable Oil Complex

I have received a Raindrop Technique (RT) before, and I knew it had a lot of benefits. I was excited to scan myself before and after with the VivAlign. You can see (!) the results here:

KHall RT B&A


My energy increased from 61 Joules (on the left) to 63 Joules (on the right). My energy field was more uniform after the treatment.

There’s a great chart in the VivAlign software that shows the left/right symmetry of certain areas of the body. The before scan shows some left/right imbalance of in the area of my head. When the data is highlighted it means there’s a significant difference in the energy between the left (green) and right (blue) sides of the specific organ. This shows that only one of the six areas (the second one on the left) is in balance:


After the RT, all six areas are in balance:


I’m so happy to finally have a tool that I can use to show the impact energy healing and essential oils have on a person’s energy field.

I also scanned my friend who performed the RT on me before and after the session. I was sure that performing an RT would have benefits on the provider, because of all the amazing essential oils inhaled during it. Sure enough, my friend’s energy increased from 69 Joules to 72 Joules.


There is more uniformity in her energy field after the session. In addition, my friend showed big changes in her Respiratory system before and after:

LG RS Before
Respiratory System Before – 2 of 3 Areas Out of Balance
LG RS After
Respiratory System After – All 3 Areas Balanced Left/Right

It’s no surprise to me that there was more balance in her respiratory system before and after due to the essential oils that are part of the RT collection. The exciting thing to me is that her Nervous system showed more balance afterwards, too!

LG NS Before
Nervous System Before – Out of Balance
LG NS After
Nervous System After – In Balance

As you can see, I can’t stop gushing about my VivAlign. It proves that both the giver and the receiver benefits from the Raindrop Technique. So, if you want to swing by and practice the Raindrop Technique on me, I’ll have my VivAlign ready and waiting to prove to you it will be worth it.

VivAlign – My New Gadget!

I love gadgets. I have a ton of them. Facial exercisers, muscle stimulators, iTovi scanner, virtual reality glasses…the list goes on and on. During the Young Living convention in Salt Lake City this year, I was sitting across from Dr. Sabina Devita on the TRAX light rail. I noticed she had a Diamond lanyard on, indicating her rank with Young Living. I introduced myself and asked her if she had any tips for me, a Senior Star. She told me getting to Diamond took some time and was mostly through her energy healing business. “I’m an energy healer, too!” I responded. She told me that she was speaking the next day at a session about a new tool that is the next generation aura photography. I hadn’t registered for that session but I knew I needed to be there!

Dr. Sabina Devita and her husband in Salt Lake City

I attended the presentation and learned about measuring the human energy field using the new VivAlign scanner. The VivAlign is a special camera that photographs the energy emitted from your fingertips. It uses Gas Discharge Visualization – or GDV – which is the “computer registration and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of different objects” when placed on “the high-intensity electromagnetic field on the [VivAlign’s] lens.” The images are then translated by the software into graphical representations of energy, stress and vitality evaluations. In addition, it recommends specific Young Living essential oils to help bring the body in to better balance.

As an energy practitioner, it is difficult to quantify the impact my work has other than the client stating that they feel better than they did when they walked in! So when I heard about the VivAlign, I knew I had to get one. I went up to Dr. Devita at the end of the presentation and asked her where I could get one. She told me Life Science Publishing had a limited amount at a hotel across the street so if I wanted one I should hurry over there. Which of course I did immediately.  This device is so new that the nice people at “LSP” asked me to explain it to them because no one was sure what it did. I also managed to grab a copy of the new book by Dr. Devita and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the inventor of the VivAlign. Subtle Energy, Science and Essential Oils is a great book if this topic interests you.

A great book for anyone interested in the science of energy!

To test out this new gadget, I conducted scans on myself. It wasn’t until I started doing before and after scans on my energy clients that I really understood the power of this tool, and its ability to show changes in the client’s energy field. The client below has a significant amount of stress due to a traumatic incident that happened in her past. Her energy measured 69 joules before the healing session and 75 joules afterwards. You can see the aura was thicker and more vibrant after our session:

Before (on the left) and After (on the right)

In addition, you can see her chakras were larger and more aligned after our session than before:


Before (left) at 87% balance and After (right) at 91% balance

Here’s what I conclude by comparing the two images (starting at the root chakra on the bottom):

  • Her root chakra is larger and more centered, indicating a greater feeling of security
  • Her sacral chakra is larger and more centered, enhancing her creativity.
  • Her solar plexus chakra is significantly larger and more centered, demonstrating increased self confidence
  • Her heart chakra is slightly larger, and slightly more off balance
  • Her throat chakra is significantly larger and more centered, indicating greater ability to speak for herself.
  • Her third eye chakra is larger and more centered, allowing her to more easily tap in to her intuition.
  • Her crown chakra is the same size and more off balance

Both the heart chakra and crown chakra were less centered when measured during the second scan. Since the chakras are a system, and each chakra is impacted by the other chakras, I believe that the shifts in the other chakras caused the heart and crown chakras out of balance. Based on this image, I would recommend the client do some meditation, which could bring those “rogue” chakras in to greater balance.

I know a lot of people are skeptical about energy work, and I believe a lot of that skepticism is because of our inability to measure results. All of that is changing. And now that kind of testing is accessible to people like me, thanks to Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the inventor of VivAlign, and Dr. Sabina Devita, who partnered with Dr. Korotkov to bring VivAlign to Young Living.

Interested in getting a VivAlign scan? Email me at

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


Dr. Sabina Devita

I’m Not Sorry

Do you ever find yourself apologizing for speaking up about something? Like apologizing to a waiter if there’s something wrong with your meal, or apologizing for “being a pain” when you have questions you want to ask?

I recently had a miscommunication with my doctor about something, and I could tell she was getting frustrated with me. It was really hard keeping myself from sending a “sorry I’m such a pain, but…” message! I know intellectually that I have nothing to be sorry about. Besides, it’s my body and I can ask all the questions I want about it.

At work I was drafting a presentation based on some information I was given. I was given feedback to include some things I hadn’t known about. This time I only had a mild impulse to apologize (and I didn’t).

I just negotiated something and felt no impulse to apologize for my “demands.” It seems I’m getting better with practice!

I read an article in the New York Times about women who apologize too much – and I’m sure there are many of us who do. To the author, the apologies “sound like tiny acts of revolt, expressions of frustration or anger at having to ask for what should be automatic.”  I suppose if you say sorry in sarcastic way, it could mean that. I see it more as a problem with people pleasing. Don’t rock the boat, don’t upset other people, don’t be a bother.

Why are we so worried about being a bother? Sherry Pagoto said in Psychology Today that People Pleasers have an intense fear of rejection and a fear of failure. There must be a lot of us out there with these fears because I hear a lot of people (mostly women), apologize for things they shouldn’t be apologizing for.

I, for one, will stop apologizing for speaking up for myself. Will you join me?

What Are Sesquiterpenes? And Why Should I Care?

A few weeks ago I woke up at 2 A.M. worrying about something, and feared it would ruin the rest of my night’s sleep. You know how it goes – you wake up, toss and turn, and then fall asleep 20 minutes before your alarm goes off. If you take prescription medicine to help you go back to sleep, good luck waking up when the alarm starts blaring.

Every night when I go to bed I diffuse Cedarwood Essential Oil in the diffuser next to my bed. The diffuser runs for four hours and then shuts off. For some reason, I had enough wits about me at 2 A.M. to put more Cedarwood in to the diffuser and start it again. I fell back to sleep immediately, and woke up easily the next morning.

I knew Cedarwood could help me fall asleep, but fall back to sleep after waking up with a lot of things on my mind? I could hardly believe it.

I then found out that Cedarwood is high in sesquiterpenes (98%). This intrigued me and I had to find out more.

Sesquiterpenes are hydrocarbons found in most essential oils, although in different amounts depending on the oil. Here are the amazing qualities of sesquiterpenes:

  • They deliver oxygen molecules to cells.
  • They increase oxygen surrounding the pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal gland regulates melatonin, which regulates your sleep. The pituitary gland regulates blood pressure, metabolism, temperature regulation and pain relief.
  • They can erase or deprogram miswritten codes in the DNA.

As David Stewart, Ph.D.,R.A., writes in The Blood-Brain Barrier, “Sesquiterpenes are thought to be especially effective in fighting cancer because the root problem with a cancer cell is that it contains misinformation, and sesquiterpenes can erase that garbled information. At the same time the oxygen carried by sesquiterpene molecules creates an environment where cancer cells can’t reproduce. Hence, sesquiterpenes deliver cancer cells a double punch-one that disables their coded misbehavior and a second that stops their growth.”

Wow – here I thought I was just helping myself get back to sleep. I may also have been increasing oxygen to my brain, and fixing my DNA.

Want to learn more about using Essential Oils to improve your sleep, and other aspects of your life? Send an email to me at

We Are Simply Mirrors To Each Other

Whenever I Defend Or Argue, My Mind Is Closed

The Presidential Election of 2016 will go down as one of the most contentious in modern history. I’ve heard enough vitriol on both sides of the aisle to last a lifetime.

This post is not aimed at either political party; it applies to all of us. Whatever you accuse somebody else of doing, you are doing it yourself to them. Let me give you some examples (using both parties to illustrate this because it really is an issue with all of us):

“People who voted for Donald Trump are bigots.”

The definition of a bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. So if you are calling all Trump supporters bigots, you are being a bigot yourself. You may feel justified in doing this, but it doesn’t make you any less of a bigot.

“People who are protesting the President-elect need to let it go. The fact is he won. Get over it.”

The fact is, people are protesting. And you can’t do anything about that. So you are the one not getting over the fact that people are protesting. You want others to get over things they have no control over but you’re not willing to do that yourself.

Do you see how accusing somebody of something actually shows that you are guilty of the same thing? In that way, we are literally mirrors of each other.

Anything that makes you angry or combative is simply informing you about an area of your life that needs to be healed. I invite you, when you are accusing people of doing something, to consider in what ways you are doing the very thing you accuse them of.

That type of inquiry has helped me following the election. I hope it will help you.

No One Can Trigger Me. Only I Can Do That.

You Always Have A Choice

How often do you tell yourself you can’t get out of a situation because you have no choice? Here are some examples:

  • “I can’t leave my job, because I wouldn’t have health care without it.”
  • “I can’t leave this relationship, because my children would be negatively impacted by a divorce.”
  • “I can’t say no to that request, because the person who asked me would be mad at me if I said no.”

Saying “I can’t” does two things:

  1. It puts you in victim mode. All of a sudden, you are a victim of your circumstances. You don’t make things happen, things happen TO you.
  2. Your ability to create your life the way you want is hampered. You can’t see other options because you believe there ARE no other options.

Try saying, “I won’t” instead of “I can’t” and see what happens.

“I won’t leave this job, because I wouldn’t have health care without it.” Do you see how now it’s a choice? Have you looked for other jobs? You might be surprised what happens once you open yourself up to the possibility that there might be a better job out there for you that also has great health insurance! When you say “won’t” instead of “can’t”, you are taking responsibility for your choices because they ARE.YOUR.CHOICES. You can always say, “I won’t take another job UNTIL I have one that has health insurance” and energetically, that starts the ball rolling on finding another job.

I was recently in a situation where I thought I had no choice. I thought I had to put up with someone’s moods regardless of the impact on me. Once I decided that I WON’T put up with certain behavior, options started opening up. I am now in a better situation because I changed “I can’t” in to “I won’t.” It’s very empowering.

Start paying attention to when you say “I can’t” and reframe it as “I won’t.” If you’re an adult, you always have a choice. Always.

The Body Doesn’t Lie

Have you ever had a disconnect between your brain and your body? Your brain tells you that everything is okay, but your body says otherwise? I was recently driving to a place where I’ve been dealing with someone who’s been pretty hostile towards me. I was really confused by how hard my heart was pounding as I was approaching the location. Yet my brain said, “Everything is fine! This person is a jerk and everyone knows it! You’re doing a great job, don’t worry about it!”

It seems obvious in hindsight that my body was telling me something was wrong. It’s funny how our brain can really try to convince us that everything is okay when it isn’t.  As my teacher Cindy Lehman has taught me, the body has its own wisdom, finely developed over thousands of years of dealing with threats in our environment.

Facing this hostile person, I decided one way to avoid the hostility would be for me to do everything perfectly, and therefore I would be above reproach. There are two problems with this thinking: perfection isn’t possible, and hostile people will be hostile with or without a reason.

So what was the solution?

I fantasized about telling The Hostile One off, how I wasn’t going to put up with that crap, blah blah blah. THAT would show him!

Or would it?

Unfortunately, that would keep me stuck in the Karpman Drama Triangle – a really interesting concept of how conflict is perpetuated – and would just shift me from victim to persecutor. Bullying the bully doesn’t resolve the conflict, people just switch roles until we’re at the same place we were before.karpman-triangle

No, instead I have to step out of that triangle and be an adult. And adults don’t put play the victim/persecutor/rescuer game, they confront bullies and say, “I’m not tolerating that behavior, and if it continues, then I will remove myself from this situation.”

My BODY knew that something wasn’t right, it just took some time for my BRAIN to realize that my body was trying to tell me something.

Listen to your body. It doesn’t lie.



The Calm During the Storm

I love Essential Oils. Essential Oils contain the volatile aroma compounds from plants. I use only Young Living Essential Oils, because of the purity of the oils (they are very, very concentrated) and the company’s commitment to quality. I know, I know, I sound like a commercial.

I just held an Essential Oil class for my sister and her husband. They are both doctors. We tried Lemon Essential Oil in our water. We diffused the Stress Away blend in the diffuser. We put drops of Peppermint on the backs of our neck (great on a hot summer day!). I love these oils and they were in to it as much as I was! As I was wrapping up, it started storming. My brother-in-law put a Thundershirt® on their dog Murphy because he’s terrified of storms. I suggested we put some lavender on the ears of both of their dogs to calm them down, and some frankincense on Murphy’s hips because he has trouble getting up from his bed in the morning.

As I was packing up my stuff, my sister said to me, “You have to come look at the dogs!” They had not seen Murphy be so calm during a storm for YEARS! It’s one thing when people like the smell of something, it’s another thing when an issue that’s been present for years suddenly doesn’t seem like an issue anymore. We might think that oils work because of some placebo effect, but animals don’t need to believe something works in order for it to do so.

Here’s a picture my sister just sent me. Her text read, “Look how chill Murphy still is despite the thunder! Amazing!” I’m pretty sure Murphy thinks so, too.


Murphy (left) and Bear during a thunderstorm.

Practicing Radical Self-Care

Sitting in my hammock even though the laundry has piled up

I just got back from having dinner with two of my closest friends, both of whom are feeling really burned out due to stress. It got me thinking about the importance of practicing radical self-care. By self-care, I’m not talking about numbing yourself with food, or zoning out to a show you’re binge-watching (although there’s certainly a time and place for that), but doing something that NURTURES you.

The first thing you need to do is decide you deserve to take care of yourself. Remember what the flight attendant says – put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others! If you are burned out, you’re not only more likely to make mistakes, but you’re more apt to injure yourself or get in a car accident.

Once you’ve given yourself permission to take care of yourself, you need to figure out what nurtures you. I can’t tell you what should be on your list, but I can share mine:

  • Listening to piano music
  • Reading fiction
  • Listening to a guided meditation
  • Taking a walk in a wooded area
  • Getting a massage
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Talking to a friend

Besides these activities, I also have to remind myself to let go of being perfect. We often want everything we do to be perfect, which leads to an inordinate amount of stress. Plus, perfection is unattainable, so we’re in a constant state of “not good enough.” Hustling for your worthiness is no way to live. Let the dishes go, and put off the laundry until tomorrow. If you can’t leave certain things for tomorrow, then at least give yourself one hour for self-care. Start there. Set a timer, and give yourself permission to do one of the things on your nurture list. If an hour seems like too much time, I’ll remind you of an old Zen saying,…

Meditate every day for 15 minutes.
If you are too busy, meditate for one hour.

The more you tell yourself, “I can’t take the time” the more time you need!

Now I’d like to hear from you. How do YOU practice radical self-care?


Walking in the woods. Photo by Tracy Maxwell Ashley.

Do you ever have:

  • Trouble sleeping because you can’t seem to shut off your brain?
  • Imaginary arguments with friends and colleagues?
  • Certain thoughts that keep repeating themselves?

If this sounds like you, you may be having problems grounding yourself.

All the technology we have along with the 24-hour news cycle can really keep our brains revved up, disrupting our sleep which only makes the problem worse.

Sometimes we unknowingly will try to ground ourselves by over-eating or shopping compulsively.

When clients tell me they can’t turn off their brain, I tell them to picture roots growing out from the bottoms of their feet, going in to the ground and branching out far and wide.  These roots can then tap in to the grounding energy of the planet, and draw up that energy in to the feet, legs, root chakra, sacral chakra, and anchor it at the solar plexus chakra.

You can ground yourself on your own by doing the following:

  • Take a walk in nature.
  • Eat food that comes from the ground – potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Do a craft project – knit, create a fairy garden, paint a picture or make a scrap book.
  • Take a break from technology – especially social media.
  • Spend time brushing your pet.
  • Use Essential OilsGrounding is a great blend and any pine essential oils are good for grounding.

It’s important to do these things on a regular basis. We are constantly being ungrounded so we need to re-ground ourselves regularly. Pretty soon you will notice when you are feeling ungrounded, and you will crave activity that grounds you.