Energy Healing

The Power of The Raindrop Technique

In my last blog post, I talked about my new gadget, the VivAlign, that uses Gas Discharge Visualization to show changes in the human energy field.  I used it to demonstrate the changes in a client’s energy field as a result of a healing session I did on her. A few weeks later, a massage […]


Do you ever have: Trouble sleeping because you can’t seem to shut off your brain? Imaginary arguments with friends and colleagues? Certain thoughts that keep repeating themselves? If this sounds like you, you may be having problems grounding yourself. All the technology we have along with the 24-hour news cycle can really keep our brains […]

Opening Up Throat Chakras

One thing I’ve been noticing recently is that many clients are experiencing an opening of their throat chakra while on my table. In today’s world of social media, everything we say and do is highly scrutinized. This can leave us feeling vulnerable to criticism from our bosses, loved ones and even complete strangers on the […]