“I have experienced severe chronic pain and multiple illnesses for 25 years.  The combination of western medicine and holistic health has been most effective in improving my health.  Finding the best mix of skills and experience in a practitioner has also been very important. I found that in Kristen.

Knowing Kristen for many years, I feel very confident in her skills and techniques. Receiving energy treatments from Kristen has been an exceptional experience.  She is respectful, compassionate and very thorough during our sessions.  After each session I feel energized, relaxed, and my pain is considerably reduced.

My experiences with Kristen have been very positive. She is wonderful to work with! I highly recommend Kristen and her energy treatments.”

–Ann P, Minneapolis MN


I very much enjoyed how you helped me! I feel I need more experience. It is a powerful healing tool. It has made me feel very positive. It is like my thoughts have been insulated from any negative influence. I had become an extraordinarily negative person and this is a miracle for me.

Basically I’m happy in life and I thank you, the universe and Jesus Christ for the good feelings I experienced.  I could see myself improving, there was definitely a change for the better.

It is like a magic wand that fulfills all my wishes and heals me to rid that which is not good for me.  I saw terrible visions of negative spirits that were horrible and destroyed!

Thanks to Kristen, who gave me hope, that with sincere and several sessions, Kristen will help me tread the spiritual path.

Bless you Kristen!”

–Linda W, Savage MN

“I recently went to a healing session by Kristen and was pleasantly surprised.  I was tired and stressed as I walked into her studio and immediately felt a wave positive energy.  There were pleasant smells in the air, lovely decorations and sounds that could only evoke relaxation.  Upon completing the session I was not only stress free, I was more focused and energized.  I will definitely return!”

–Jason H, Hillsborough NC

” Mikki [Morgan Horse] did well at her [dressage] show.  She was quite calm despite 2 dressage rings and 2 jumping rings and warm-up rings busy all day long.  You had mentioned that she will try hard and that she did.  Tried too hard actually –  most times when a leg was placed behind the girth for bend she would pick up a canter with an “I can do it!” attitude.  I was very proud of her.”

–Diane P, Lakeville MN

“I was having a lot of anxiety and difficulty sleeping, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the problem was. The session was very relaxing and at the end, my legs felt very heavy. Kristen told me that towards the end of the session she visualized some roots sprouting from my legs and driving deep in to the ground to bring grounding energy up to my chakras. Well, that really worked because the anti-anxiety effects lasted two weeks and I have been able to sleep really well!”

–Nicole T, Jordan MN

“I was in the middle of a very stressful move when I had my energy healing with Kristen. I was moving out of state, and Kristen helped me release a lot of the drama I have experienced over the last several years so I could leave it behind in Minnesota. I sensed during the session that now is the time for me to shine my light brightly in the world, and thanks to the session, I feel ready to do that! It was a highly profound experience for me.”

–Wendy D, Hillsborough NC

“My anxiety levels were really high when I went to my session with Kristen. During the session, I felt a release of negative energy and saw a really bright white light. I asked Kristen about it, and she asked me if it had a message for me. It did – the message was just pure love. I really felt like I was able to finally release some old energy that was holding me back and make space for new, more positive energy to enter my life. I still feel like a new person many weeks later!”

–Jaci F, Traverse City MI

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