The Calm During the Storm

I love Essential Oils. Essential Oils contain the volatile aroma compounds from plants. I use only Young Living Essential Oils, because of the purity of the oils (they are very, very concentrated) and the company’s commitment to quality. I know, I know, I sound like a commercial.

I just held an Essential Oil class for my sister and her husband. They are both doctors. We tried Lemon Essential Oil in our water. We diffused the Stress Away blend in the diffuser. We put drops of Peppermint on the backs of our neck (great on a hot summer day!). I love these oils and they were in to it as much as I was! As I was wrapping up, it started storming. My brother-in-law put a Thundershirt® on their dog Murphy because he’s terrified of storms. I suggested we put some lavender on the ears of both of their dogs to calm them down, and some frankincense on Murphy’s hips because he has trouble getting up from his bed in the morning.

As I was packing up my stuff, my sister said to me, “You have to come look at the dogs!” They had not seen Murphy be so calm during a storm for YEARS! It’s one thing when people like the smell of something, it’s another thing when an issue that’s been present for years suddenly doesn’t seem like an issue anymore. We might think that oils work because of some placebo effect, but animals don’t need to believe something works in order for it to do so.

Here’s a picture my sister just sent me. Her text read, “Look how chill Murphy still is despite the thunder! Amazing!” I’m pretty sure Murphy thinks so, too.


Murphy (left) and Bear during a thunderstorm.

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