VivAlign – My New Gadget!

I love gadgets. I have a ton of them. Facial exercisers, muscle stimulators, iTovi scanner, virtual reality glasses…the list goes on and on. During the Young Living convention in Salt Lake City this year, I was sitting across from Dr. Sabina Devita on the TRAX light rail. I noticed she had a Diamond lanyard on, indicating her rank with Young Living. I introduced myself and asked her if she had any tips for me, a Senior Star. She told me getting to Diamond took some time and was mostly through her energy healing business. “I’m an energy healer, too!” I responded. She told me that she was speaking the next day at a session about a new tool that is the next generation aura photography. I hadn’t registered for that session but I knew I needed to be there!

Dr. Sabina Devita and her husband in Salt Lake City

I attended the presentation and learned about measuring the human energy field using the new VivAlign scanner. The VivAlign is a special camera that photographs the energy emitted from your fingertips. It uses Gas Discharge Visualization – or GDV – which is the “computer registration and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of different objects” when placed on “the high-intensity electromagnetic field on the [VivAlign’s] lens.” The images are then translated by the software into graphical representations of energy, stress and vitality evaluations. In addition, it recommends specific Young Living essential oils to help bring the body in to better balance.

As an energy practitioner, it is difficult to quantify the impact my work has other than the client stating that they feel better than they did when they walked in! So when I heard about the VivAlign, I knew I had to get one. I went up to Dr. Devita at the end of the presentation and asked her where I could get one. She told me Life Science Publishing had a limited amount at a hotel across the street so if I wanted one I should hurry over there. Which of course I did immediately.  This device is so new that the nice people at “LSP” asked me to explain it to them because no one was sure what it did. I also managed to grab a copy of the new book by Dr. Devita and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the inventor of the VivAlign. Subtle Energy, Science and Essential Oils is a great book if this topic interests you.

A great book for anyone interested in the science of energy!

To test out this new gadget, I conducted scans on myself. It wasn’t until I started doing before and after scans on my energy clients that I really understood the power of this tool, and its ability to show changes in the client’s energy field. The client below has a significant amount of stress due to a traumatic incident that happened in her past. Her energy measured 69 joules before the healing session and 75 joules afterwards. You can see the aura was thicker and more vibrant after our session:

Before (on the left) and After (on the right)

In addition, you can see her chakras were larger and more aligned after our session than before:


Before (left) at 87% balance and After (right) at 91% balance

Here’s what I conclude by comparing the two images (starting at the root chakra on the bottom):

  • Her root chakra is larger and more centered, indicating a greater feeling of security
  • Her sacral chakra is larger and more centered, enhancing her creativity.
  • Her solar plexus chakra is significantly larger and more centered, demonstrating increased self confidence
  • Her heart chakra is slightly larger, and slightly more off balance
  • Her throat chakra is significantly larger and more centered, indicating greater ability to speak for herself.
  • Her third eye chakra is larger and more centered, allowing her to more easily tap in to her intuition.
  • Her crown chakra is the same size and more off balance

Both the heart chakra and crown chakra were less centered when measured during the second scan. Since the chakras are a system, and each chakra is impacted by the other chakras, I believe that the shifts in the other chakras caused the heart and crown chakras out of balance. Based on this image, I would recommend the client do some meditation, which could bring those “rogue” chakras in to greater balance.

I know a lot of people are skeptical about energy work, and I believe a lot of that skepticism is because of our inability to measure results. All of that is changing. And now that kind of testing is accessible to people like me, thanks to Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the inventor of VivAlign, and Dr. Sabina Devita, who partnered with Dr. Korotkov to bring VivAlign to Young Living.

Interested in getting a VivAlign scan? Email me at

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


Dr. Sabina Devita

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